Help Release Asha, Arcadia, and Horizon into the Wild

Mexican gray wolf

Take Action: Help Release Asha, Arcadia, and Horizon Into the Wild

Asha, the young female Mexican gray wolf known for her incredible journey north of Interstate 40, along with her companions Arcadia and Horizon, currently face a life in captivity. Their story has captivated hearts and highlighted the urgent need for reform in wildlife management practices. Join us in calling for their freedom!

Why It Matters

Asha's tale is one of instinctual migration and the search for freedom beyond artificial boundaries. Her repeated ventures north of Interstate 40 into territories once roamed by her ancestors underline the innate drive of Mexican gray wolves to explore and expand their horizons. Asha's subsequent capture and the formation of the Caldera Pack with Arcadia and Horizon in captivity have sparked a vital discussion on the importance of natural dispersal in the recovery of endangered species.

A Call to Action: Releasing the Caldera Pack into the Wild

We stand at a pivotal moment to advocate for a shift in how we perceive and interact with the natural world. The release of the Caldera Pack represents more than the liberation of three wolves; it signifies a commitment to honoring the ecological roles these beings play and the natural processes that drive their existence.

The liberation of Asha, Arcadia, and Horizon holds profound implications for conservation efforts, the genetic vitality of the Mexican gray wolf population, and the restoration of ecological balance. By allowing these wolves to return to the wild, we not only respect their intrinsic value as individuals but also contribute to the broader mission of restoring harmony and diversity within our ecosystems.

Speak up for the Caldera Pack!

Your voice is powerful. Join us in reaching out to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, urging them to embrace a future where wildlife management aligns with the principles of freedom, conservation, and respect for the natural world. Together, we can advocate for the release of the Caldera Pack, championing a path that leads to coexistence and the flourishing of all life.

The time to act is now. Lend your voice to the chorus calling for change, and let us unite in our efforts to ensure that the Caldera Pack can roam freely, as nature intended. Your support and advocacy are invaluable in this collective journey toward a more compassionate and sustainable world.

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Free Asha and the Caldera Pack!

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am reaching out to strongly advocate for the prompt release of Asha (#2754), Arcadia (#1966), and Horizon (#1968) known together as the Caldera Pack back into their rightful place in the wild. The story of Asha's journey north of Interstate 40 is an important reminder of the Mexican gray wolf's intrinsic need for exploration, dispersion, and the vital role these behaviors play in the species' recovery and ecological balance.

The confinement of these wolves is more than just a limitation of their freedom; it's a barrier to the conservation efforts aiming to restore the natural dynamics and genetic diversity essential for the Mexican gray wolf's survival. The creation of the Caldera Pack, named in honor of Asha's time in the Valles Caldera, symbolizes hope and the potential for natural expansion critical to the species' resurgence.

Thank you for considering this urgent plea for compassion and action. The eyes of the conservation community and the public are keenly focused on your decision, hopeful for a positive outcome that aligns with the best principles of wildlife management and conservation ethics.

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