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Mexican WolfDid you know that the Endangered Species Act has helped prevent the extinction of thousands of at-risk species, including wolves?

Wolves once ranged across most of North America, a vital part of many varied ecosystems. But by 1950, an unremitting slaughter by humans brought wolves to the brink of extinction. 
After its passage in 1973, the ESA provided protection for wolves, and allowed wolves to begin the process of recovery.

The ESA has worked successfully for over four and a half decades to prevent the extinction of 99% of the species placed under its protection. Moreover, the USA is popular; a recent national poll found that the law is supported by 90% of American voters.  Despite its success and public support, the ESA is under political attack

Let your Congressional representatives know that you support the Endangered Species Act and you’re counting on them to protect the world’s "gold standard” for conservation and protection of imperiled species.

Use the message below as talking points to guide your comments, but please personalize your message. Nothing is as effective as speaking from the heart.


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Protect the Endangered Species Act!

Dear [Decision Maker],

As a lifelong supporter of the Endangered Species Act and someone who cares deeply for our nation's wildlife, I am writing to request that you oppose legislation taking aim at the ESA - the world's "gold standard" for conservation and protection of imperiled species.

While Congressional leaders and lobbyists have spoken for major corporations and special interests, my individual voice as a voting American counts just as much. I'm counting on you to protect and preserve one of our nation's most effective environmental laws.

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